Armour Attack

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Steer your armoured car through the streets of an enemy town. Hide from enemy tanks behind buildings and launch your own surprise attack. Improve your chance of survival by playing with a friend. Beware of the deadly helicopter. 

Armor Attack plays like a 2D Battlezone. You steer in the middle of a wide-open maze, and enemy tanks approach from the edges. While the tanks are immobilized by one shot, they’ll still fire until you finish them off with a second shot. After destroying each wave, a helicopter will zoom around overhead and tries to bomb you.  You can aim quickly with your joystick and fine-tune your turret with the 1 and 2 buttons. The controls are responsive, and your vehicle moves quickly and smoothly.

The game features sound effects, such as military drums during the title screen, and the realistic sound of the helicopter.

Armor Attack has three challenging game variations and a two-player mode. 
1 or 2 players takes all the concentration, strategy and split-second reactions of the real thing! You're in control as the realistic, dimensional players get the ball down (USED)

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