Cosmic Chasm

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Can you save the galaxy by blowing up the alien-inhabited planet... and get off the planet before you explode too? You must burrow deep inside, finding your way through the underground maze while battling the Planet Protectors. 

If you can get to the centre, plant your one bomb and try to find your way out. It's only a matter of seconds before the planet goes BOOM!  You have to drill, shoot and defend yourself on your journey to the center to the Cosmic Chasm. 

Your mission is to navigate a maze of underground rooms and destroy a power structure in the center chamber. Each room has an expanding core and eight kamikaze planet protectors (diamonds) that try to ram you., but your ship can rapidly fire double-shots. 

This formidable firepower will allow you to clear out most rooms in short order, although occasionally one of the diamonds, which are small enough to squeeze between the double shots, will get through. That’s when you’ll want to use your shield.

After clearing a room you’ll use your drill to open one of several exits. Once you make it to the center chamber, you must plant a bomb and escape the maze in 15 seconds. 

1 or 2 players (USED)

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