Fortress of Narzod

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In Fortress of Narzod you control a hovercraft at the mouth of a 3D gorge with steep walls and cliffs, and a fortress can be seen on the far end which you need to reach, but first you’ll need to blast spiders, ghouls, and “grabbers” that zigzag their way towards you.

You can shoot rapidly and use the walls to ricochet your shots, creating all kinds of crossfire possibilities. Many of your missiles eventually bounce back towards YOU, so you’ll need to stay alert. Enemy fire also bounces off of the walls, and the action gets absolutely furious in the later stages.

You have the ability to move up and down as well as side-to-side , which comes in very handy. The enemies scale smoothly and occasionally move out of sight behind the cliff walls.  If you manage to clear the first three levels, you’ll face the boss - Narzod himself.

1 or 2 players

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