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The Vectrex is a vector graphics based system, hence it's name. Vector graphics were the kind of graphics used in such classic games as Asteroids, Battlezone, Space War, and Tempest. Most videogames use raster graphics, which which are built up with pixels. In a vector display, the beam inside the display scans across horizontally from the top down, drawing each row of pixels.

Vector graphics, draw to exact coordinates - using x/y or "vector" values. Vector graphics are very sharp and allow the Vectrex to produce visual effects such as scaling and rotation. To produce its special graphics, the Vectrex has it's own nine by eleven-inch monochrome monitor.  Overlays can be clipped to the screen to provide coloured game fields. 

This listing is for an exdisplay working basic system with 1 control pad and built in game - instructions are included but not boxed.

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