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This package includes 25 listing credits and 25 picture credits. For registered users only.

Now you can sell your games or systems on our site!

You tell us about your item - the system it's for, whether it's hardware, cartridge, CD, accessory or other, whether it's PAL or NTSC - and the condition of the item and we'll list it for you.
As soon as a customer pays Telegames for the goods, you send the item direct to the customer. He then confirms receipt to us and we then arrange credit to your account. Our charge is just 10% of the payment to cover our admin and PayPal or other costs. This is simple and easy - the customer has the assurance of Telegames behind their purchase and you have the benefit of our site and on-line promotions and expertise.
Each listing credit allows you to list an item for up to 1 year or until it is sold. You can remove a listing at any time.
Each picture credit allows you to add an image to an item.  Maximum 6 images per item. This can stay with the listing for as long as the listing is live.
You can relist an item for 1 listing credit.
Buy with confidence from Telegames - one of the world's oldest and most respected video game companies.

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